A leaf to borrow from Kate Actress’s fashion sense

Popular actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate actress has been showing us that simple dress codes can also be elegant.  Her unique approach to style and elegance is what attracts some fashion brands to work with her. Kate’s sense of style comes with boldness as she represents her influence in the art industry. Kate also knows […]

My wife is suddenly too nice to me, should I be worried?

Hi Achokis. My wife of 15 years has been in a very good space for the past few months. I find that we are able to talk over issues, but I keep on wondering when things will blow up. It is too good to be true. I have heard of such cases where the woman […]

‘Let’s save our country’ – Kenya’s media editors call for truce

Joint Editorial of Kenyan Media Houses Tonight, the Kenyan nation stands on the precipice, following another day of mayhem across several counties. The writing is clearly on the wall, that unless reason prevails, we could all very well tumble down into a dark and dangerous abyss. We take pride in the fact that Kenya has […]

5 reasons you don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us and everyone seems to be going gaga about this special day that has nothing to do with love or romance. The origin of Valentine’s Day is obscure. Historians can’t pinpoint the exact origin of the holiday but they all agree it had nothing to do with romance as […]

5 marketable University courses you can pursue after KCSE

Choosing a course after one is done with their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) can be a very daunting task. If not done well, one is likely to spend their hard-earned money paying for courses that have little to no value in the near future. While it is advisable to choose what we love […]

Super awesome: Why you need to feel the vibe of the city at Nairobi Festival

The inaugural Nairobi Festival has been so successful that organizers decided to extend it by a day due to public demand. The festival has been going on at Uhuru and Central parks in Nairobi since December 12 and was initially slated to end on Saturday, December 17. However, city dwellers successfully petitioned the Nairobi county […]