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Tom Daktari elated after his first international show

Kenyan TikTok sensation Andrew Wambua Mboya alias Tom Daktari is on cloud nine following his first full-house international comedy show in Tanzania.

The rising star took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his Tanzanian fans after a tremendously successful performance that saw tickets sell out.

“Here to thank God Again. My first international comedy performance was huge. Asanteni Watanzania for the love and the sold-out show,” he wrote.

Tom Daktari’s rise to fame

In a previous interview, the comedian disclosed the challenges he encountered while pursuing his dreams.

Tom recalled a moment in his life when he attempted to start a business by selling eggs.

On the first day, he managed to sell only 10 eggs out of the 30 he had. Tom attributed his business failure to a lack of understanding about how the market operated.

“The egg business should have eggs, onions, and tomatoes. I just went with eggs and tomato, and customers would ask me why doesn’t this one have onions, and they’d decline to eat,” he shared.

After his egg-selling venture proved unsuccessful, Tom Daktari ventured into selling oranges, which also did not yield the expected results.

It was then that he decided to explore his talents in acting and comedy.

His journey in the world of entertainment took an unexpected turn when some of his skits went viral.

Tom mentioned in an earlier interview that these skits were not scripted saying he was simply speaking his mind and from experience.

“I like to try different things and monitor feedback. Everything has a lifespan, and you can only be relevant for so long. It is important for artists to constantly reinvent themselves and keep things fresh. I fit into different characters, and that has endeared me to my fans,” he said.

Daktari also confirmed that most of their acts are unscripted.

Tom is also known for being one of the pioneers of the Wamusyi Show, which primarily features Kamba comedians.

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