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Betty Kyallo threatens to sue Edgar Obare for defamation

Betty Kyalo. PHOTO/@bettymuteikyallo/Instagram
Betty Kyalo. PHOTO/@bettymuteikyallo/Instagram

Media personality Betty Kyallo has threatened to take legal action against popular blogger Edgar Obare for defamation.

In a letter dated July 8, 2024, her legal team stated that Edgar published a defamatory post about their client on his Instagram page and blog on July 7, 2024.

The legal team further revealed their client was falsely accused in the sensational post.

“Edgar Obare, On July 7 2024, you published a sensational post and/or story on your above-mentioned blog relating to our clients whose post and/or story was not only false but also defamatory. For proper Darity, you posted our clients’ photograph and captioned the same as hereunder,” Betty’s legal letter reads.

The legal team further revealed that the sensational post which has since gone viral is still accessible on various social media platforms.

Betty Kyalo.PHOTO/@bettymuteikyallo/Instagram

“The post and or story which was and still is accessible to the one hundred and eighty-two thousand (182, 000) followers and or readers continues to be read electronically and circulated to other social media platforms whose following continues to rise with each passing day,” the legal team said.

“The post and or comment contains various allegations, insinuations and innuendos of and respecting our clients which are entirely false and which have no basis or foundation whatsoever.”

Betty vs Edgar

The TV beauty further demanded that the blogger unconditionally retract the defamatory post from all his socials and that an effectual apology be made in the same prominent manner as the published impugned post.

“A full, unreserved and unconditional retraction to be posted on the same blog and or Instagram page in terms to be approved by us on behalf of our clients, of each and every reference to, and allegation made against our clients,” Betty’s legal team stated.

“You post on the same blog and or Instagram page a full, unreserved, unconditional and effectual apology as approved by us on behalf of our clients, and the publication/posting be made in the same prominent manner as you published the impugned post/story, in mitigation of the highly damaging allegations, insinuations and innuendos made against our clients.”

Betty Kyallo and Edgar Obare
A collage picture of Betty Kyallo and Edgar Obare.PHOTO/@bettymuteikyallo, @edgarobare/Instagram

The legal term further added that the blogger should have unconditional confirmation and commitment in writing not to post any further comments or articles defamatory about Betty.

“A full and unconditional admission in writing of liability for defamation whereafter the quantum of the damages payable to our clients can be addressed,” Betty’s legal letter reads.

The legal term further gave the blogger four days ultimatum failure to which legal action will be taken against him.

“Take notice that unless we receive your positive response to the demands set out above by the close of business Friday, 12 July 2024, we have firm instructions to institute appropriate legal proceedings against you,” the legal team said.

Betty’s decision

Disclosing the reason behind the legal action, Betty, in a statement published on her Instagram page, revealed that she is done tolerating people defaming her.

“I have decided to take legal action against people who defame me/my brand without any factual information. They do this for clicks, likes and views but it is extremely detrimental to all the hard work I’ve continuously put in over the years,” Betty revealed.

“There have to be consequences for such malicious actions. I will no longer tolerate such spiteful, evil-intentioned, fake and false stories against me.”



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