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Salasya rubbishes calls for dialogue, pledges support for Gen Zs demands

MP Peter Salasya. PHOTO/@peter-salasya/Instagram
MP Peter Salasya. PHOTO/@peter-salasya/Instagram

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has pledged his support for the demands raised by the  Generation Zs (Gen Zs) rubbishing calls for dialogue with the national government.

In a statement shared on Instagram on  July 9, 2024, Salasya said that implementing the demands raised by the Gen Zs is the only solution to the current crisis facing the country.

He added that dialogue and enforcement of laws will not address the issues raised by Kenyans.

“This is the only trusted roadmap to Kenyan freedom ingine ni slavery. We can dialogue and make laws but this is what Kenyans want. I support this ile nyingine ni PR,” Salasya said.

MP Peter Salasya
MP Peter Salasya. PHOTO/@peter-salasya/Instagram

Gen Zs demands

Amid anti-government protests, Gen Zs have tabled down their demands that President William Ruto should address.

The Gen Zs argue that if their demands are implemented it will solve the crisis faced by the country.

Among the demands raised by the Gen Zs, according to a document shared by Salasya, include the dissolution of parliament and cabinet, removal of housing levy, a return of the Linda Mama programme, a return of Edu Afya and removal of ID replacement fees.

Other demands include the reduction of university fees to fees to pre-2022, the return school feeding programme, the reduction of fuel levy and the return to normal school capitation.

Poster of Gen Zs demands
Poster of Gen Zs demands. PHOTO/@peter-salasya/Instagram


Azimio la Umoja One Kenya collation Raila Odinga has called for national dialogue to address the current unrest in the country.

Speaking during the signing of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Bill into Law on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, Raila said that dialogue is the only solution that will deal with the fundamental issues that are currently affecting the country.

“We are happy to confirm that we have had consultations and have agreed that a dialogue is the way forward out of the crisis that we are facing in the country,” Raila said.

“We have agreed that give people an opportunity to express themselves to come out with the problems that are ailing our country today so that a lasting solution can be found. Because of the limitation and restriction of the resources we have agreed that everybody else will bear the cost of coming to this meeting but we want it to be a very engaging conversation. We agree on the way forward that we deal with the fundamental issues that are affecting our society today.”



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